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Fifth Sense is a product brand under Glovatrix, an organisation with a noble mission to help the verbally challenged community. We design high quality and  affordable wearable technology products which help speech and hearing impaired people communicate effectively

Meet the Team

Co Founder
Parikshit Sohoni

An engineer and a data scientist with extensive experience in banking and predictive analysis.

Leads the company's technical operations and research and development.

Responsible for heading the company's efforts for developing Artificial Intelligence based applications.

Co Founder
Aishwarya Karnataki

An electronics and electrical engineer from Manipal University with a passion for social work.

Responsible for designing the hardware of the product and currently managing the business aspects of the company including finance, marketing and sales.



Seamless communication between sign language users and the hearing/speaking community


To empower the speech and hearing impaired community and enable them to use their full potential.

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